Monday, 1 October 2012

What you saw, what we saw...

This is for certain members of the Soccer Saturday panel and for that matter anyone else who has verbally bashed the fans of Blackburn Rovers during the reign of Steve Kean which thankfully ended last Friday night...

What you saw in Steve Kean was a man who had been a victim, who was bullied without provocation. What we saw was a man that dug his own grave with a trail of lies, false promises and antagonistic behaviour during the last two years.

What you saw is a man who had remained dignified against a backlash that he didn't warrant, a man who in the face of incredible adversity kept his cool and didn't rise to the bait of a crowd who never backed him. What we saw is a man so arrogant that he knew he'd be backed by naive owners and didn't feel the need to fight against the criticism that came his way. He was untouchable and he knew it.

What you saw was a manager who needed to be given time and a chance. What we saw was a manager who patently wasn't up to it and to make matters worse blamed everyone but himself, rightly or wrongly.

What you saw was Steve Kean, a positive thinker with a mentality to look on the bright side. What we saw was Steve Kean, a man with delusions beyond rational thinking and with a very loose grasp on reality.

What you saw was an unknown making the best of a bad situation. What we saw was a sneaky operator and unknown footballing politician who created that very situation.

What you saw was a guy being harassed based purely on the results he achieved. What we saw was a guy being shouted at for much more than results alone.

What you saw was a promising leader who had his side sat in third in the Championship and had only lost one game out of seven so far this season. What we saw was a tactically inept disaster who had lost thirty seven times in seventy four games and oversaw a relegation.

What you saw was a maligned boss who had gained sympathy and friends in the media through his epic struggle against all the odds. What we saw was a confident talker who was verbally calm and who used the media to create the "victim" story that the outside world chose to believe, the friends in high places came along when it became popular to support the story along with the opportunity to play this victim story to his employers.

What you saw was a first team coach who was unexpectedly thrown in at the deep end against his will after the sudden sacking of Sam Allardyce. What we saw was a man who planned the whole thing long before it became a reality, a man who wanted to become a manager and went behind a colleagues back to make it happen.

What you saw was a manager who had no support from his superiors. What we saw was a manager who was a dictator, he didn't want help from elsewhere, he wanted the power and the control and he went a long way to making it happen against all better judgement.

What you saw was a group of fans who are of the lowest form of life, ones who lack the brain cells to see that they are contributing to their own downfall. What we saw (and lived) was a group of fans who knew that their club was being used as a play thing, something that had been shamelessly mistreated and who would't go down without a fight. Fans who wanted change, knew something was very wrong and weren't fickle enough to drop the complaining because we won one game - there was a bigger picture at stake.

What you saw was a footballing supporting faithful who relegated their own team. What we saw was cost cutting football ownership and a complicit manager who went a long way to sinking that ship well before the people in the stands kicked up a fuss.

But most importantly of all, it's what you HAVEN'T seen that has developed this idea that Rovers fans are the enemy, when in fact quite the opposite is the case. What you haven't seen in the last two years at Ewood Park is relentless provocation from a manager who has played you all like a fiddle.

The Sky Sports Soccer Saturday team won't tell you differently because the likes of Paul Merson and Charlie Nicholas have the same agent as Steve Kean. The rest of the media won't tell you differently because they don't care enough about Blackburn Rovers to dig a little deeper and see what's really going on.

When Rovers fans protested they were disgusting, vile creatures who should be condemned. When the fans of Aston Villa, Manchester United and Liverpool did it they were heroes fighting against an evil establishment.

The people and the fans of Blackburn Rovers acted no differently to how anyone else would have if they were in that exact same situation. Others would call that delusional, but then they haven't bothered to read the real version of the same story.

There is an old saying I'll use to wrap this up - "walk a mile in my shoes..."


  1. good post, but not that it will make a difference ! Martin Blackburn from The Sun knows the score!

  2. Well said, back on Saturday for the Wolves game

  3. I trust that the link to this article has been distibuted far and wide.

  4. I know this sounds like a transfer deadline day rumour but i have been assured that time sherwood and harry redknapp were at stanley house on saturday. Although to make it worse it was from a friend's haridresser. The story is true even if the rumour isn't

  5. yes it was true that sherwood and redknapp where at the staley house on saturday i think that redknapp would be director of football at rovers and i think sherwood would be manager with shearer as his no2 anthony from blackburn

  6. Blackburn fans keep going on about what people haven't seen or don't know about Steve Kean but never actually say what it is. This silence speaks a thousand words

    1. You obviously didn't take the time to actually read this post, moron!

    2. Well if that is all the evidence there is against Kean then it is clear that Blackburn fans disliked him from the start, never game him a chance and bullied him until he had no choice but to resign. Shocking behaviour.

      I'll be extremely surprised if any reputable manager takes this job given what has happened before.

    3. All the evidence is that statistically he was the worst manager of BRFC in recent history.

      He took a comfortable mid table team to relegation in 18 months after just failing the season before.

      He said Ryan Nelsen was in traction and wouldn't play again that season 8 days before he made his debut for Spurs.

      He said Hoilett would 'definitely sign a new deal in 24 hours' , 9 months ago.

      He presided over the worst BRFC performance in recent years in a 'must win' game against Spurs. A game in which we had no shots and one corner. His after match comment was that 'we have to look at the positives'.

      So there you go, good riddance to bad rubbish and if us fans have apparently reaped what we've sown I suggest you canvas the board of your club to get him on board. See where he takes you.

    4. undits & fans alike seem to be oblivious to the real situation & the depth of lies from both Kean & Venkys since the takeover. It sounds as though people think we should allow our 137 year old club, Premier League squad, well respected board to be dismantled & just stay quiet about it. they way Kean treat club captain Ryan Nelsen, Michel Salgado, Steven N'Zonzi, Gael Givet, Chris Samba was nothing short of a disgrace. He lied to the fans at every turn, claming Nelsen was out for the season injured when 8 days later made his Spurs debut. Claimed Salgado was injured when Salgado came out & said he was fit but Venkys didnt want to pay an appearance bonus. he also said he would tear up his contract & play for free but Kean froze him out. Kean claimed Juniour Hoilett was 24hrs from signing a contract in august 2011 only for Junior to walk away this summer from the club he's been at since he was 13. Kean claimed he must have had his drink spiked whilst drinking with Rovers fans after a game. this was dismissed by the judge & he was charged with drink driving & banned. he signed Goodwillie & compared him to Rooney... he was charged with assault & was up on rape charges. scored 2 goals... signed his agents son Myles Anderson who never played a game for Rovers despite Kean claiming he was the "Chris Smalling". the video claiming he would finish top10 & WIN the Carling Cup whilst bad mouthing Allardyce was a disgrace. Kean said we were on target for a Top 10 finsish whilst in the relegation zone in December 2011!! he is statistically THE worst Rovers manager for the last 137 years!!! I really could go on for days about this "man". I seriously can't understand where people get the idea that he was dignified throughout...? he is not only a bad manager but a truly awful person. the fans fought for the club they love & i would hope you do the same for your. this town is football through & through since 1875. Founder members
      of the football league, the very basis of the modern game. we have one
      of the highest % attendance per population in the football league. we
      have been a model for the way to run a smaller Prem club for many years.
      well respected board & chairman. 9th in the all time Prem League
      (above Man City). Prem team for 18 of 20 seasons. Top 10 6 times in
      10yrs before Venkys, Kentaro & Kean. REAL FANS , REAL CLUB - RTID

  7. I loved it, well done.

  8. any manager who comes in now is going to be instantly loved by the fans. if all the 'behind closed doors' rumours are true then we wont get a reputable manager but if a good manager see that he is going to be up to the job then he would be an idiot not to take the job. 3rd in the championship and instantly loved by the fans.

  9. Well said!
    See how many clubs come in for him or take him as a member of their staff!
    Not a chance!!!
    As for other fans commenting on anything Blackburn check out the facts before you spout your crap!

  10. Great article !

    Still people are seeing Kean as a victim, its amazing the hold he seems to have, if they think he is so good then let him go to one of their clubs and see what a mess he will make

  11. Superb piece of journalism. Well written, detailed, objective, honest and articulate. The likes of Sir Alex Fergusona and other senior managers who so glibbly blamed Rovers fans for their lack of support without for one single minute, never themselves examined the full circumstances of Keane'smanagement ethos. This manager took a team from 8th in the Premiership to 4th in the Championship, blaming players, fans, owners, the media, anyone in fact, except his own egotisitical, vainglorious disposition. This article finely puts into perspective the reality of a man obsessed with his own worth, a mirror of Gordon Brown, another second in command with aspirations to lead, but without possessing the true qualities for such a role

    1. Spot on about Gordon Brown. Steve Kean wasn't even fit to walk in Tony Parkes' shoes.

  12. This is a brilliant post Mr Delap. What you have written about is perception - key elements of any brand and its successful engagmenent with the consumer.

    The press and the pundits fail to understand this point because they operate within the "football family" (whatever THAT is).

    But brands first and foremost need to engage with their customers. Venky's failed to realise this (at least for their first disastrous 18 months in charge) with the result that huge damage has been done: fans walking away, shop receipts down and no sponsors.

    Steve Kean was a huge mistake as an appointment and I think his last comment, made at his resignation, highlights an incredible naivity when he says that the majority of fans supported him. He took the silence of non-protesting fans as a sign of support for him; as every politcian knows, the people you should fear the most are those who say nothing.

    Kean's legacy could have been avoided had Venky's acted sooner and got shot of him before he could do more damage. Alas, only Kean and the Venky's really know why on earth they retained his services.

    So we enter a new era now. I'd like to say "one down, one to go: Venky's Out" but the truth is that these people are probably not going to quit. However, they MUST make the next managerial appointment a solid one. They must hire a manager not a coach. They must hire someone with experience. They must hire someone with fire and hunger and who can manage - and bully - a team. They must avoid PR stunts like hiring someone like Shearer. They must focus on this: deeds not words.

    I will happily return to Ewood Park if I thought that the Venky's have at last seen the error of their ways and start running the club as a club rather than a plaything. They must never again place spin above delivery; if I sense that we have at last returned to Arte et Labore then I'll be back.

    But any more nonsense from these guys and that's it, my brand loyalty is over. I will not buy into anything that puts its customers last.

  13. Let us all keep wary of the Raos and see what they do from now and then see.. as they have treated us like crap. An open apology from mrs Desai would be good for a start if they want to build bridges.
    But from what I hear of them, they have an ego issue big time!