Friday, 23 March 2012

Just like the good old days

If you had told me at the start of the season that a youth team game would be one of the highlights of the season then I'd have rather worryingly suggested that you need help... serious help.

But that's exactly what happened last night.

The FA Youth Cup semi final first leg was a chance to put aside all the recent problems and go head to head with the oldest rivals that Blackburn Rovers have. No Kean/Venky's put downs, no in-house fan scrapping and no relegation battle stress.

In short, a cracking occasion full of the sort of passion, fire and fan support that has been lost since the Jack Walker days. I'd even go as far to say it was the best atmosphere at a Rovers home match since the last time we took on that bunch from down the road in the Premier League (cheap shot alert - you know, back when they played in that league).

And to say that about a crowd that barely touches half of what a normal first team match day attendance does is a testament to those who made the effort to renew local hostilities. The Ronnie Clayton End in particular was in raucous voice.

The fans were even treated to a glimpse into the future. We as fans have heard of promising players like goalkeeper Matt Urwin, Hugo Fernandez and Raheem Hanley but to witness them first hand was a treat as you always get something from the youngsters that you don't always get from the overpaid prima donnas of the warped Premier League world - a passion for the shirt and a will to do their very best.

Heck, I'd even go as a far to chuck a couple of them into first team proceedings if/when we wrap up survival so as to give them a taste of what they can strive to achieve with even more effort.

It was such a joy to see smiles on the faces of the Rovers faithful for the first time in a long while and even if it was only fleeting, a return back to the roots of what makes Blackburn Rovers special was a trip I'd take again and again if I could.

If only we could do it again? Oh, next Wednesday you say? Outstanding.


  1. Hope there will be a good turn-out for the lads for the second leg next Wednesday. It's the least they deserve.

  2. If (or when...being an optimist) we do get (mathematically) safe, I can see no reason not to blood some youngsters. If your report is true, and I can see no reason why it shouldn't be, they will play with passion, for the badge, so to speak. And, as you said, give them some experience in the big time. Even if they don't make it, it will give them time in one of the biggest shop windows...

  3. I know that Blackburn is traditionally been more of a top flight side, and not on the same level as Burnley or other normally lower tier sides(cheap shot), but man, after reading that post about Darlington, we should just appreciiate how long Blackburn has stayed up, and enjoy the premier league. I feel like too often we worry about the club going down, but just enjoy the time that you are up. There are so many storied and proud clubs doing much worse, that would just love one season in the top flight. Blackburn has had so many. Plus, with how much faith Kean has showed in youth, and how good the youth is, it could be a much longer stay. But don't constantly worry about going down. When Blackburn are relegated (hopefully way in the future), I am sure we will all regret not just enjoying all this football. For instance, the win at Old Trafford. How spectacular is that?

    1. What are you talking about?? Comparing Blackburn Rovers to thee likes of Darlington and Burnley?? And saying we should be lucky to stay in the league???!?! Mate I think you underestimate the proud history and size of this great football club! Staying up IS NOT CONSIDERED A SUCCESS AT THIS CLUB! We deserve to be amongst the elite, and still consider us to be amongst the sleeping giants of english football!

    2. I agree, Kean has taken a midtable side to the brink of safety?!? and one poster pointing how we should be lucky we have stayed up? Makes me laugh, the media, fans of other clubs all underestimate us, well do us at your peril, because WE WILL BE BACK! If/when we get relegated I dont know how long it would take but I hope to god we stay strong because this great club deserves some success and am sad to see it the way it is now :(

  4. Just like the old days at Ewood park, a night to remember.