Tuesday, 3 January 2012

What is that loud thudding sound?

Sadly it's the depressing noise of us coming back down to earth with a mighty wallop.

After the heroic win at Old Trafford there was always that niggling feeling of "I've followed Blackburn Rovers all my life, I know what comes next" and so it proved with a deflating defeat to Stoke giving everyone the ability to use that after the Lord Mayor's show expression.

The problem for our boys was that during the Manchester United game on Saturday we didn't have to take the initiative too much. Rovers were allowed to sit back, soak up the pressure and then go romping forward in anticipation of landing a Wladimir Klitschko style sucker punch. The onus was on the lads representing Manchester/London/Malaysia/sofas across the world to take the game to us.

Yesterday at home to a very capable Stoke side the lads wearing the blue and white were the ones who had to up the ante and bring the party to the team from the Potteries and that is where things fell flat.

Nothing wrong with the state of general play as far as Ewood's finest were concerned just a complete lack of creativity and guile in the advanced areas of the pitch which you are always going to need playing a team that is as well organised and drilled as Tony Pulis' Stoke City are.

In the central areas of the pitch the three musketeers of David Dunn, Radosav Petrovic and Steve N'Zonzi kept the ball beautifully but when it came to passing it forward there was absolutely NOTHING to aim for. Just a crowded out Yakubu and the gangly sight of fairy legs in Mauro Formica, who's certainly playing like he's booked his flight home to Buenos Aires and Morten Gamst Pedersen who's sole contribution was the absolutely epic flattening of Steve Kean in the second half.

N'Zonzi in particular had a very tidy game with ice cold, calm composure on the ball and he keeping things ticking over nicely.

* Chip on shoulder moment - Quite how the very talented, yet lanky Zonz is singled out for his "inability" to pass forward whilst the others who's job it is to actually do that (namely the others in midfield) escape without the same examination is beyond belief. * End of chip on shoulder moment.

There was loads of effort and certainly a willingness to put the yards in but without the bite of a terrier central midfield Rovers failed to exceed any dominance in the game.

All the damage was done in the first half with plenty of the aforementioned puff but a lack of actual craft meaning we headed into the dressing room at half time without a goal to our name and at the other end we continued to press the self destruct button with concentration again an issue for both the goals of the human pushing machine Peter "I love scoring against Blackburn" Crouch.

In fact the parallels between yesterday's offerings and the Bolton match are so scary that Fox Mulder would be a tad perplexed at what unfolded.

One of the reasons Kean gets a bumpy ride is because half the time we don't get beaten by the opposition we seem to have this uncanny ability to beat ourselves. Until we cure that we'll always struggle and the only way to seemingly arrest that is to add at least three new members to the playing staff.

That is something that Venky's at this juncture will not sanction which is even more crippling than keeping faith with the aforementioned Scottish bullshit conveyor belt...

Yesterday we did beat ourselves and the powers that be can't even blame this one on the Steve Kean backlash. 

Protesting or no protesting, "abuse" or no "abuse", the club needs to look at itself rather than at the fans.


  1. We played some good passing football again but a paceless Yak up front on his own and no pacey midfielders on the park to bomb forward prevented us from getting at Stoke with any vigour and simply allowed them to get behind the ball. An experienced (EPL) midfield general would be nice or even J Jones would be a good start, not for his pace but just to keep our shape which will help protect the back four. IMO we should be taking the game to all visitors to Ewood for the rest of the season and go 4 5 1 away. Other signings? right back, left back, centre half (if we lose Samba), a forward too but history suggests Kean would play him! I still think we can stay up with a few more fit players after all, there's plenty of other crap sides within touching distance and more who will become involved.

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  3. You hit the nail Mikey, another fab article.

  4. 4-4-2

  5. Can anyone tell me why Samba's goal was ruled out? I was watching Snide sports and the commentary was in a different language.

    Signings? I've been thinking we need proper full backs for a while but I've been very impressed with Henley so far so perhaps we can save a few quid there.

    Venkey's have got almost everything wrong so far, this transfer window is their final chance to not mess up. However, I fear that they will sell whoever they can and I have very little faith that they'll replace anyone with a player of any quality.

    The four points from our previous two games prior to Stoke were very welcome but the lack of pace highlights the need to retain a fully fit Hoillet.

  6. @the last commenter - it was because Yak was holding Sorenson in the Stoke goal apparently. Although that looked dubious at best...

  7. As Steve Kean is probably saying the Venky's: "Well yer see, Jimmy, 4 points from a possible 15 in the last 5 games and 3 of those points came at Man U - a 26% success rate. Before the Christmas break the club had achieved 10 points from 45 points available - a 22% return. So, some positive news, our underperformance stats are pointing towards an improvement. There's really no cause for alarm. It's all about sports science here and we're very good at it. Other managers focus on things that don't matter but these statistics make great reading, honest guv..."

    I don't think so... Time is running out for the nonsense coming from the owners, board and management at Blackburn Rovers. Have Venky's thought of diversifying into gallows manufacture? They are quite good at preparing companies for a swift demise. But, knowing them, if they did design the perfect gallows it would be one that caused death over a lingering 3 hours just so the victim would suffer as much pain and indignity as possible.

    Venky Venky Venky Out! Out! Out!

  8. Anybody know how many fans are going to the cup match and how many are supporting Chorley? Is this a rumour, what is going on Mikey?

  9. Here you go matey, this summarises it well enough...