Monday, 23 January 2012

A peek into a life without a Samba beat...

A few weeks ago if you had asked me about the potential departure of one Chris Samba you'd have seen the odd bead of sweat appearing across my disturbingly large forehead as the thought of losing the biggest presence that Blackburn Rovers have and the captain slowly became a potential reality.

In a team short of genuine class and in the position in the league table that we begrudgingly occupy to sell one of our finest players would be the equivalent of throwing all the essentials off a sinking ship, jumping in after them and feverishly trying to scramble to shore. All whilst trying to furiously wave a white flag.

We'll not know until February 1st who will win the fast developing Chris Samba/Venky's battle (and to be fair there is blame on both sides) but yesterday we got our first look at what would happen without the King Kong of the Congo anywhere near the Blackburn Rovers first team.

And do you know what... It's not as scary as most of us would have thought.

This is not a suggestion that we should part with the captain, far from it, we should retain his service as long as humanly possible as he is still the club's premier centre back but for the fifth game in a row our boys actually showed that there is a chance of survival and even more incredibly against all the odds.

Once again the players turned in a collective performance full of endeavour, passion and fight that they'll need to sustain long past the January sales period and I don't think it's a stretch to say that on the balance of play the full three points were merited at GoodisonPark by the team wearing those rather ugly yellow and black halved shirts.

All the willing participants for Rovers were pulling their weight and for reasons unknown they again busted a full Yakubu-sized gut for the boss Steve Kean (boo hiss).

Is it down to the manager? Many would suggest not but if we're all going to give him a size thirteen when things are going fruit shaped is it not only fair that he runs off with some of the plaudits when the sun comes out for a fleeting moment?

Most of the running was made by the Rovers midfield who took charge thanks to the industry of Steven "The Zonz" N'Zonzi and the vastly improving Radosav Petrovic who IS showing signs of finding his rather massive looking feet. Even Junior Hoilett turned up with a dazzling display of Michael Flatley like feet and at times he was just too much for the Toffee men - maybe someone told him that *insert name of scout from a big club here" was watching?

Even David Dunn was reminding us that he is an asset to the team with some body fat defying movement and creative flair. Just don't stick him on the post when defending corners and we'll be laughing.

And where would we be without a mention for the central defence who in Samba's absence put in a very comfortable display against a strong if limited Everton attack. The returning Scott Dann and Gael Givet looked like an old married couple back there at times, some niggles were evident but the well oiled machine with an understanding shone through in the end.

To cap it all off we even found solid proof that David Cracking Shaft is lethal. From a yard out. With his upper body.

So another week and another reason to be hopeful on the pitch. BIG problems remain off it and by now we all know what they are unless you've been stuck on a remote island with no wifi to hand. But ignore them for a second and think of this...

Eight points from the last five games, the fans doing the (absolutely necessary) demonstrations at the right times, the players responding to the first class backing they've been getting of late and everyone not in Pune, India seems to be pulling in the same direction.

Momentum, how we've missed you.


  1. I hope that Formica doesn't go. Altho he is incossient he does show signs of ability at times and looks very promising. Hopefully it is just gossip and there is no truth in it. Another good performance I hope the protest don't boil over into the ground V Newcastle as things are improving on the pitch lets hope we can do the job on it and take 3 points.

  2. Yes, we have players who can step in and do a job at the back if Samba leaves; but don't forget that he's also a massive goal threat from set-pieces- something that isn't so easily replaced.

  3. first of all ...the defending was ....ok..........but before selling samba....we should atleast find a replacement for ..i think its better for all parties to keep samba till the end of the season and sell from India and im a huge fan of BLACKBURN ROVERS..even before venkys bought it....but now im seing how they are bringing the club down ...and we also could do nothing here...but still i will be a ROVER TILL I DIE

  4. Yep, the boys did well, we are in a slightly better position than before, considering where we were. At the moment, thats good enough for me.

  5. 'the reasons' are not unknown! How long will it take some people to realise that the players have always respected and rated Steve Kean - if he'd had support from the beginning of the season we wouldn't be in this mess. Bolton , Wigan and Wolves must have been ' laughing their socks off' for the last five months.

  6. Is this Steve Kean's renaissance? Do we drop Samba to show that the Bald Eagle has at last assembled a side of his own? Has the first half of this season really not given a return of less than a point a game and has somehow been a huge success?

    I'm not convinced by the players/Kean argument and that the fans have caused the problems by not getting behind the team.

    Let's be clear: Venky's will not get rid of Kean so whatever happens is down to that - the players too had to like it or lump it. BUT... The players claimed they were doing their best (including Jason Roberts) when their best was just not good enoough. They "played for the manager" by losing, not winning; often by conceding late goals when they should have known better (by being told what to do by a good manager).

    The trouble is the playing was shocking, the management inept and the ownership of the club completely rudderless. Consistency has not been a problem this season: for large parts of the season Steve Kean's Blackburn have been consistent - at losing. Why should anyone pay to see a side week in, week out which rewards supporters' hard-earned money with defeat?

    If the results have got better in recent weeks then about time too - heaven knows they are paid enough and one would hope that even mercenaries would want to win on their home turf (but then again...).

    But let's be clear here: the side is in the relegation zone; has been for months and the points are so tight at the bottom that things are not going to change unless the side starts winning regularly.

    As for Wigan, Bolton and Wolves laughing their socks off well, quite right too. To lose AT HOME to those two sides is a joke - not forgetting that we lost to Wolves at home at the BEGINNING of the season before the crowd started to lose patience. And don't forget that the Venky people left the ground at Wigan without staying to the end. Some supporters they are - didn't even have the guts to face the club's enraged fans.

    This situation makes me extremely angry. The cause of Blackburn's demise rests in Pune. The thing that really sticks in the craw is the thought that the crowd's passion for the club may yet reward those cynics in India by keeping the club in the league. Venky's don't deserve that; they deserve to be kicked out of English football for good.

  7. Venkys leaving the match before the end, will stay in my mind for a long time, I think it just about tells you all you need to know about them.