Friday, 27 January 2012

Losing the moral high ground

Getting a bit nasty isn't it?

We're having enough verbal jousting this season to fill up a UFC under card but this latest stand off could take things to a new level. It was at first the fans vs Steve Kean, then the media vs the fans, then the Rovers support vs Venky's and now it's Chris Samba vs Venky's.

For those who have been living under a rock for a few weeks the basic story is this - Chris Samba signed a new five year deal back in January on the back of several glowing promises made by Venky's of wonderful financial backing, fancy signings and a bright future at Ewood Park. Twelve months down the line he realises these promises were made on a bed of quick sand (like pretty much everything else the owners say), he's angry, he's rather large and he wants to leave.

After all, he's in his late twenties and in his prime, the big defender probably wants to win some silverware/earn more money. Samba feels slightly betrayed and you can't blame him we all would, we've all been lied to by those rather arrogant, pompous we know best brigade over in Pune so we can feel the pain that he undoubtedly feels.

On one hand we should say fair play to Chris "Kong" Samba. He has come out and backed up precisely what the fans have been screaming from the rooftops for a while and this time the media have to take notice as it's someone from the inside... not a "neanderthal" fan. 

But that is where the Samba loving could and should end.

At around 11 o'clock last night when his Sun newspaper article hit the world wide web the man who could have been a huge boon to the real problems at Ewood Park went right ahead and completely lost the moral high ground with one of the most selfish, unprofessional acts in recent memory.

To go to a major national newspaper reiterate his desire for a transfer a short while after officially asking for one and being denied not only reeks of desperation but it showcases a certain lack of respect for those who do still care about him. It gives the controversy hungry media another reason to try and stick the knife into a club that's ripe for stabbing at present.

Yes he's been sold down the river by Venky's like the rest of us and yes he's got every right to feel aggrieved that he bought it like everyone else but he's paid a ridiculous amount of money to play for a club he professes to love AND he's the captain of the side. What sort of example does this set to the players he is charged with leading?

And a full two weeks after claiming "he's always been professional" he does this?  Oh dear Chris you've had a shocker.

He's joined William Gallas, Ashley Cole and Carlos Tevez in proving how detached footballers are from modern life.

If we really have to let's dive into the age old footballer related complaints - Samba is a man who is paid £60,000 a week to kick a bag of air around a pitch and live the dream, something that us mere mortal fans could only dream of doing in front of *thousands of people who adore you (*hundreds if you play for Wigan Athletic).

To say things like he can't promise he'll ever give 100% to the Rovers cause again is disgraceful even if the fans themselves were an indirect target of his comments.

Samba did the right thing by asking the club for a transfer but by crying off the a newspaper when he didn't get his way he's not only caused problems for the club but for himself. When he's made to stay, which Venky's will make him do, what sort of reaction will the Rovers fans afford a man who's already told all and sundry he doesn't want to be at Ewood Park?

Lacking in intelligence, common sense and class.

The only good that can come from this is that Chris' outburst further highlights the problems that have been caused at Blackburn by Venky's, the real bad guys in this ever widening drama that lost it's charm a while back.

But aside from that we get another nail in the coffin from captain Samba, we're just waiting for the latest batch of "stomach cramps" to kick in the day before we play Newcastle.


  1. I think if he doesn't get his move he'll sulk and then he'll be back playing at his best. He doesn't strike me as a player who could go on the pitch and not give 100%.

  2. I disagree. I'll be singing Sanba's name next game. Us Blackburn fans have been lied to and cheated by the disgraceful Venkys. Our dissent has brought wrongful derision. I've always been of the opinion, put yourself in our shoes. What would you do if this was being done to your club? Sensing that thy are voicing the opinions of the majority, the majority of the newspapers have also been deriding the Blackburn fans. Samba has stuck his head above the parapet and voiced the truth. The only reason he is able to voice the truth is because of the position he is in. He wants to leave the club because he's been lied to and cheated. I believe he wants to move because playing for a club run under Venkys is never going to earn him any form of football honour. I find it ironic that you are suggesting he's lost his honour because he is fighting for a chance to win football honours!

  3. He has wanted to go for a long time! I really dont think he will leave this window but for once there is a player revolt against the "lies" Venkys have given the club.

    At least he is being honest!

  4. Anuradha J Desai - get out of Blackburn NOW
    B Venkatesh Rao - get out of Blackburn NOW
    B Balaji Rao - get out of Blackburn NOW

    We don't want you any more. You have brought shame, disorder, dishonour and calamity on our famous football club. GET OUT

  5. The Venkys and Kean are dispicable liars, they have let everyone down associated with the club, players and supporters alike. If they don't want to progress the club forward, they should sell up and let someone with a genuine interest in the club take over.
    These people are beneath contempt, sell up and go and return the Rovers back to us.

  6. Our owners are a convenient excuse for a player who has tried to get a transfer (or excuse for pay increase) in nearly every transfer window since he really hit the headlines. Totally agree with the article - Samba has let down the fans and his fellow players with his latest outburst.

  7. A friend of mine who works in sports media knows Samba's P.R. Advisors very well. He has it on good authority about going down this route as it is generally considered a poor media management strategy. It appears that he has taken the advice of shall we say interested parties outside of the football club, keen to take his signature.

  8. sorry - meant to say his P.R. advised him not too go down this route!

  9. I can't beleive that his advisors would tell him to keep stum. There must be money in it for them if he starts stirring things up and gets himself a move. That lot all ways get paid when things shuffle around. Our accounts for last year tell you that. Thats how it works!!


  11. Have you forgotten that Samba has wanted to leave in every transfer window for the last 2 yrs. Let him go.

  12. Samba to me sums up the problems the Venky's have now created. They bring people in on the basis of a positive future and then, when that future fails to materialise (due in no small part to having an inexperienced manager and paltry investment in the club), players want to leave.

    A player only has a short working life span when he's at his peak. If Rovers are not going to challenge for any glory (as they so obviously haven't under the Venky's regime - not even a decent cup run), then any player worth his salt will want to look elsewhere for that chance of glory (and, yes, money - but remember money doesn't guarantee you a regular place). If Rovers were actually winning games at the moment - consistently so - most players would be willing to stay and would feel part of a great team.

    But to be a good player in a losing side is to gamble your brief career for non-existent glory. I totally understand Samba but the prpblem lies in Pune with Venky's. Really, if Venky's aren't going to give Samba a chance to shine (other than putting the weight of expectation on his shoulders to cover up the failings of the manager), then he deserves the chance to shine elsewhere.

    I don't say good riddance but I do say: Venky's get a grip or get out of Ewood. If you haven't got the money for the journey then sell up and do us all a favour and sell up quick.

  13. keep samba in stands dont sell no 1 bigger than club venkys out but samba mouthing off put him in resevers till march see what he says 20 millon samba dont tell us ur price because u want 2 go stump up the money or stay and shut up we made u the player u r

  14. Another great article from you Mikey, Samba bringing more shame on our poor club.

  15. greed samba 100% u cant give us 5 year contract dont sell let him rat for 5years who will take him then stick by ur club venkys out qtar in early transfers kean dont lie ur always at it with venkys peel an orange in there pockets show us the money or get out off r club or we will put u out beleave it venkeys enough is enough out out out out out out

  16. Agree with article. Samba wanted to go before Venkys came in. He agreed to a new 5 year contract to get £60k a week - if he now wants to leave he should pay back the difference. We should stop his wages now until he stops sulking and agrees to give 100% again.
    I have no respect for Venkys, but to be fair if they did give in and sell Samba then everyone would have a go at them. At least they are not selling our better players (except Jones), which is what used to happen.

  17. Its total greed.

  18. Samba has been too good for us for at least the last two seasons and if he wants to leave then he should be able to because he could easily get into a top side and win trophies.

    Agree with the fact that venky's are all to blame but not with people having a go at Kean. At least he is prepared to put his neck on the line every week and take the brunt of everyone's anger and criticism especially from his own so called rovers 'fans'.

    Get behind the team and be real supporters

  19. Venky's need to get out ASAP, before they get us relegated. Don't think Kean could have done any better with the squad he has. Samba can get out too - don't need players who are bigger than the club!

  20. So agree, something mega needs to happen soon or we are definately going down, and it won't be easy getting back again.